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5am Records Limited is a UK based independent label established by R&B production outfit 5am who are Tony Bean, Colin Bassett and Michael Grant.

The three have worked individually and collectively, for several years, for a variety of major and independent record companies and have in the past been signed as artists by Polydor Records, Motown UK and Warner UK.

Working out of their ever-developing studio facility based in the West Midlands, and with a growing reputation as hot R&B producers, the outfit decided to set up the label as a means of developing and retaining control of their own projects.

Welcome to the home of quality UK R&B!

BEHIND 5am…..

Tony Bean is the CEO and founder of the company. The main writer/producer of the outfit, Tony is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. His first love and main instrument is guitar, for which he is well recognised and respected, particularly on the gospel circuit where he started out.

He developed as a session musician and has worked with a variety of artists ranging from gospel group Nu Colors to rap artist Coolio.

Having to hold down the production chores for 5am has meant a decline in his live appearances, but his guitar work can still be heard on many of 5am’s productions. Tony’s range of musical influences is wide and varied from R&B and Jazz, to Reggae and Rock; this can be heard in the variety of music he has produced.

Colin Bassett is the man behind the sound of 5am, the main recording, mix, and mastering engineer of the outfit. Colin is a qualified electrical engineer and is responsible for all of the technical specifications and maintenance of the 5am studio facility.

Colin’s foray into music began with him DJ’ing from which he developed a taste for remixing. This led to him doing dance mixes and compilations for several major and independent labels in the early years. With a reputation for being a perfectionist, when it comes to sound and ‘phatness’ in the mix, he has been offered posts at several of the UK’s major studios.

Colin is a member of the Audio Engineers Society, the Music Producers Group, and the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Michael Grant is the third member of the outfit and heads up the Marketing and Promotions arm of the team.

Michael will be well known to most people as the young keyboard player and member of child sensations Musical Youth. He brings a wealth of experience to the label, from being in a chart topping group and working with a string of artists and producers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Donna Summer, Sly & Robbie, Herbie Hancock and the list goes on.

Areas of expertise:

Fully Responsive

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